What We Are

We are a large business house involved in trading of multiple products which includes but not limited to Petrochemicals, Polyemers, Metals, and Glass with a pan India presence and foothold in international market. Starting off with a few products, today we have ventured into various commodities, goods and services between India and various nations of world. Being a trading company, we are both initiator and intermediary, developer as well as facilitator for global trade.

Our client services are geared to two objectives: conducting international transactions and developing whole new business ventures that contribute to our growth. We believe in bringing buyers and sellers from around the globe together on the common ground of mutually profitable trade. For the same, we are always ready to listen to the individual client and tailor our services to their needs.

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What We Trade

Jatalia has been partnering with a number of well-established businesses from various industries. We are an established business name, globally acknowledged traders in polymers, metals, oil & natural gas, glass & agro productions.

  • Agro & Dry Fruit
    Agro & Dry Fruit

    From food grains to processed goods, our expansive list makes us a cost effective and ever dependable supplier of agro-products.

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  • Oil & Petrochemical
    Oil & Petrochemical

    We as the importers of crude oil and a variety of different petrochemicals, have successfully paved the way for resilient nation building.

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  • Polymer

    For the manufacturing sector, access to high-grade polymers is crucial importance; a responsibility we take very seriously.

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  • Glass

    Something so fragile yet so omnipresent; the 21st century is a testament to the strength of glass. As one of the leading importers of glass, we are an indelible part of this dream.

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  • Metals

    Quality, cost & consistency are the three pillars upon which we have built our reputation as the pre-eminent global player across all metals.

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Jatalia Global Ventures Limited

Head Office:

307, Lusa Tower, Azadpur, Delhi - 110 033, INDIA

Call us or Email at:

+ 91 11 40424242